Friday, September 19, 2008

Political Haiku

Staunch anti-Glorias
Manny and Ping now grapple
Circus is in town

Politics is fun
Politics is fun
No holds barred spectator sports
No losers but us

Miriam shouts Cretins!
At the solons on the floor
Fermenting madness

Hero or Heel
Jinggoy acts the role
Of dad sans moustache in pose
Reel hero, real heel

Tear Jerk
Tear jerk Lozada
Cries innocence and kidnap
Sitcom? Soap? On 2

Joke Only
Jocjoc Bolante
Agri magic, not with rice
Joke, joke lang!

Lucid Loren
Loren in ad glut
Of glutathione challenge
Lucid back out move

Noli, like a lamb
With fleece not as white as now
But he’s sure to go

Ping surveyed the lay
Manny, Loren and Noli
Knock one at a time

Senate in a frenzy
With expectations galore
Prexy polls is near

Pollsters drool knowing
Hopefuls eager to rate high
Cost is no question


Political polls
Spawn hope for the solons
They grasp at straws

Chiz in a quandary
Polls encourage, others dissuade
High and dry or wade?

Pimentel accuses
Speaks in raspy gibberish
In between snores

Is there a statesman
In senate or congress?
Silence in the halls

Recto, Tanada
Is there anyone like them?
Listen, loud silence

Storm Signals
Hot air factory
Blow ill wind and puffery
Batten down hatches

Flash Gordon
Is Gordon running ?
He may be quick as a flash
Not in prexy dash

Lovely Loren
Last chance Loren
Belo may not be as skilled
The next time around

Extra Mile
Manny went ahead
And pushed for the extra mile
Ping caught him speeding

Through Her Teeth
President Gloria
Said my post will not extend
Through a bunny toothed grin

At The Races
At President’s derby
Manny, Loren, Noli, Ping
Run with gates still closed

Politics Is Business
Politics is business
Invest millions for post at stake
Rob millions to gain

Poor BF chided
Postered “Bayani” all over
His dreams now over

Obama you’ll lose
White Americans are racist
A black and white fact

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