Monday, September 22, 2008

Haiku for Duffers

With a graceful swing
My pitching wedge struck the ball
Fell short of the hole

Fore! called the golfer
Atop the seventh tee mound
Splash! replied the lake

It was just two feet
But my buddy didn’t say “take”
Ooh, the ball lipped out

A butterfly looks nice
But not on the driver’s mound
Use your “mulligan”

Long Putt
Long putt’s a challenge
Two to three breaks from the hole
Glory to God it’s in!

At the Tee
Tee mound dilemma
Wind, club and stance decisions
Then swing hard and firm

Golf Widow
Anna, the golf widow
Cold husband always away
Sold “irons” in bazaar

Rara Avis
Birdies have no plumes
Bogey is not an ogre
Albatross, not cursed

An eagle soars high
So is the spirit of one
Who makes it happen

Duffer’s blessed round
Short par threes, also, even grass
And smart caddy tips

Fairways are real cool
Despite the noonday sun
After acing one

Putting Green
Greens are perplexing
Slow, fast, break left or right
Blasted hole so small

Sands are relaxing
On a balmy seashore spot
It stinks in the links

Missed Birdie
What could be worse than
Triple bogey on par three
A missed short birdie

Golfers’ Tongue
Golf helps your language
With each errant stroke you mouth
Expletives galore

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