Saturday, September 13, 2008

Laughing Haiku

The Mouse
Tim’rous little mouse
Slips through the bedroom at three
Rolling pin hits true

Tempt me not to see
Cross your legs in front of me
Your thongs hide little

Kiss the lady hard
Grab her with much gusto
Slap, such sweet sorrow

Mother In Law
The mother in law
Laid down the domestic rules
Price for daughter laid

Pick Nits
Pick critics brains here
In overused critique’s page
It is nitpicking time

The Poet
The words do not rhyme
The meter an iamb off
Yet he dares to write

Disarming Love
Futile affections
When Venus de Milo loves
In absurd embrace

Who Caught Who
Run after me
Beckon the flirty lady
Until I catch you

Poets look for a word
To describe his lady fair
Wrote epic instead

Failed Player
The world is a stage
Said Will, the bald poet
You forgot your lines

Spider Man
Peeping Tom Spidey
Swings across sills and ledges
Sightseeing lecher

Lady Godiva
Bare assed Godiva
Rode the streets of Coventry
Wish I was a horse

Through Her Teeth
President Gloria
Said my post will not extend
Through a bunny toothy grin

At the Races
At President’s derby
Manny, Loren, Noli, Ping
Run with gates still closed

Politics Is Business
Politics is business
Invest millions for post at stake
Rob millions to gain

Language Abuse
The King’s English died
With poetic license abuse
Hidden as free verse

Present States
Drunk! said the lady
Ugly! Retorted Winston
Ever, while I sober

Numbers seem so true
When quoted by politicians
Citing what favors

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