Sunday, September 07, 2008

Haiku 26 to 50

26. Midst shouts and slams
My beloved despot rages
The clock ticks and tocks

27. A cold heart's hollow
Echoes laments of past loves
I miss your cold gaze

28. Soft light pierces through
The morning’s window pane
Your yawn woke me up

29. Colored prints of you
Arrayed on doilied cover
Sonic boom explodes

30. I saw her today,
Aloof but with a coy smile
Now my cellphone rings

31. Dustin and David,
Mischievous kids both ten
Oops! A Ming vase breaks

32. Funereal fragrance wafts,
Midst earnest sobs and clasped hands
Snuffed candle falls

33. Old eyes squint in wait,
Faint sounds make feeble ears stand
Welcome youthful yells

34. As she walked past me
Stolen gaze I saw her make
Sunday I’ll be back

35. There you are li’l girl
Swathed in a field of yellow
Bees told me you’re here

36. Speak up old tree
She was here with him last night
Don't just shake your leaves

37. Embrace me hotly
Leave the cold and wet behind
Hang your love to dry

38. Ill wind blowing wild
Smashing and slashing at will
Crack! a tree trunk breaks

39. Nature's ire unleashed
Bullying all in its path
Crashing waters roar

40. The roar and fury
Of crashing, rumbling waters
Silenced by a sob

41. Sun sets on Jasmine
Scented twilight stirs my soul
Where has my love gone?

42. High atop a hill
The world looks bright and cheerful
Worms creep up to see

43. Amidst the rubble
Wasted ruins of the storm
New life emerges

44. Nature’s vanity
Musing its own reflection
Upon a clear tarn

45. Sunbeams light her path
Suddenly morning has come
Emerged from a dream

46. Shrilling buzz like drills
Cicada’s plaint close the day
Light sinks with the sun

47. Suntanned revelers
Frolic in raucous delight
Jesus impaled sweats

48. Memories are streams Of glorious times, sad failures Flowing out from time

49. Icons tumbling spin,
Flashing light and ringing bells
Sadly I drove home

50. Struggling to hold on Wiry roots cling tight to life Please don’t axe that tree

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