Friday, September 12, 2008

Haiku 1 to 25

1. Woodland nymphs gather
Elves frolic round misty boughs
Magical moments weave

2. Fly away sparrow
This meal is not meant for you
Listen! Birdseed spills

3. Such innocent eyes
Glaring from fiery red heads
Harsh beaks gnash fiercely

4. Creeping fearsome ghost
Lurking within the tall grass
Gruesome ambuscade

5. A real cool cat
With Cheshire smile smugly beamed
Climb down from your perch

6. Past the reeds she goes
Daffodils bowed in her wake
Rippling a placid lake

7. Gossamer snares
Delicate but treacherous
Fatal quiver felt

8. Butterfly afloat
With cathedral wings afire
Petals flutter by

9. Tweet goes the Pipit
Buzzing each shrub and flower
Withered blossoms fall

10. A blade of cogon
Is bent by a maya bird
A slingshot buzzes

11 .Oh elegant grace
Still the waters of the lake
Majesty passes

12. Blossoms overhead
Stand guard on regal swans
Let not ripples make

13. A gilded sky cast
Trees in silhouette yonder
Night softly signs on

14. Nothing here but death
Desolation and despair
Cracked lips plead for rain

15. Reach out in prayer
Cry out for a bit of rain
Dry throats utter thanks

16. Dare disturb the calm
Skim that pebble on the pond
Fish cower beneath

17. Looks peaceful today
Yet malevolent clouds hover
Zip up your jacket

18. Ominous warnings
Of impending wet and cold
Warm hands allay fears

19. Lord, divide your sky
Give me my share of colors
But the rainbow frowns

20. The mountain wind blew
Whispered wisdom, uttered truths
Here is where I’ll camp

21. Lonely sentinel
Saguaro has a sworn duty
Rest your arms awhile

22. Blinding, shimmering
Whiteness of the blustery snow
Come share your warmth

23. Your warmth eases cold
Like a setting sun’s radiance
A peaceful night comes

24. Never thought our love
Would create ugly ducklings
Push them off the falls

25. Raindrops and teardrops
Sear my cheeks and my heart
Oh, gloomy adieus

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