Friday, June 08, 2012

Jessica Soho State of the Nation haikube

I have always felt that Jessica Soho’s naming her program State of the Nation is an act of disrespect to the time honoured tradition of a President of the Republic addressing the people with a report on how goes the nation at present.
It is an example on how media personalities can resort to crass gimmickry just to catch the attention of viewers.
Ms Soho had the temerity to arrogate unto herself the privilege of addressing the audience at a level reserved for the holder of the highest post of the land. It is an affront not only to P’noy but to all the Presidents of our republic past, present and future.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Confucius Say haiku without the cubes

I have been posting Confucius say haikubes earlier. Recently I finished a series of haiku on "you know you're... if" on American Chinese and Filipino Chinese. There are just too many of them to render into haikubes (a somewhat tedious process) so I decided to post them outside the confines of a cube. Enjoy!

From the American Chinese

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if everyone thinks
You break bricks with fist

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if you eat shrimps
Heads and whiskers all

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if red packets
Delight more than toys

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if use chopsticks
Eating spaghetti

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if backscratcher
Is century old

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if house smell of
Incense and mothballs

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if Mom insists you
Marry homeland boy  

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if sweet sour pork
Both lunch and dessert

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinee if century eggs
Are not grandpa’s balls

From the Filipino Chinese

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if you can’t speak
Chinese at all

Old Confucius say
You are Chinoy if La Salle
Is Alma Mater

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if grandparents
Slung siopao baskets

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if you slurp soup
With unabashed joy

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if hardware store
Underneath your house

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if grandma’s shoes
Were baby booties

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if grandpa has wife
In Fujian village

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if you visit girl
At height of noontime

Old Confucius say
You’ re Chinoy if regard girl
As useless burden

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if have joss sticks
Burn on forebear’s pics

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if tear down house
If feng shui not right

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if it’s bad fate
Have daughter than son

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy born with great luck
As oldest grandson

Old Confucius say
You’re Chinoy if you lose shirt
On pre-wedding gifts

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Post Impeachment haikubes


 There are just too many post Corona yakking going about. Corona supporters crying foul, Miriam ranting some more, prosecution lawyers recounting highlights of the trial, "heroes" extending media mileage etc, etc...Guys it's over, back to work!
 Bobi Tiglao wrote in his column that it was a pyrrhic victory for Pnoy and yet all we see are the scattered debris of a formidable legal defense team and the minced meat from the carnage inflicted on the high and mighty Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. It was a real victory for the campaign against graft and corruption and this makes Pnoy smile.
 It's been said by one columnist that there were two teams at work in hte Corona defense; the first team was led by Cuevas who handled the legal blockade and the other was headed by Corona himself assisted by Atty Judd Roy with what could be termed as the "dirty tricks" department doing flanking attacks against Malacanan, theatrics, rumors of payola, et. The classic one, of course, is the daring everyone to open up their SALNs the effect of which was "chilling" to most. The desired effect is for these guys to feel we're all in this; we should support Corona because we are as guilty as he is.


 Daang Matuwid has been paved by the Corona Impeachment. Whether detours in the stretch will be encountered remains to be seen. Well, Pnoy, some acceleration of progress is expected in our economic, sociial and political space. Go P'noy!

 Congressman Rudy Farinas is all smiles. Who wouldn't be if people are saying he singlehandedly trounced the powerhouse defense team with his buzzword "palusot". I suppose he has been kept busy by invitations from political parties to join their slate.

 The headlines bannered, economy grew faster than expected; 6.4% during the first quarter. Pnoy you're on a streak. Gp Pnoy!

 It's fun to read the Corona hacks after the impeachment trial convicted their idol. Some moved on to other topics as if the trials never existed, some continue harping on how the CJ was ganged up on, the "chilling effect" etc. There will always be a next idol to write about as envelopes get passed around.

 Jose Roy III, one of Corona’s defense lawyers, said the former head of the judiciary had “expressed some interest” in making the rounds of universities and “lecture” his side of the impeachment story. I think he should carry a sign “huwag tularan” instead of allowing him to lecture on law to our youth. A more appropriate teaching career would be in creative writing.


Confucius Say Haikubes

Consistent with China's version of ownership by proximity doctrine, if Chinatown all over the world is part of Chinese sovereignty then all areas around Chinatown are Chinese territories.

 It's more fun in the Philippines!

 Most of China’s diplomatic thrusts are guided by selfish intentions. Because of China’s hegemony they, more often than not, are exploitative and disrespectful of small nations’ rights.

 Don't let those slit eyes fool you. China claims everything as far as their eyes can see and farther.

 Henry Sy can lay claim to the Philippines faster than the People’s Republic of China.
 Obama needs to be mindful of the trillions of dollars owed to the celestial mandarins. More than a show of force, the strategy of choice is intensive rhetoric for the meantime.