Sunday, June 29, 2014

Confronting China

"So far the hawks are all overseas Filipinos...", observed by a FilAm on the discussion of what we should do to stop the usurpation of our sovereign territories in the West Philippine Sea. This is true and their belligerent stand is shared by a few locals who advocate the use of force to reclaim the sovereign territories already being occupied with the building of military and civilian structures by the Chinese. 
The Vietnamese sent their boats to harass the oil rig construction on their claimed territory which somewhat impeded the work and sent an unequivocal message that they will not allow themselves to be bullied regardless of the sabre rattling ostensibly displayed by the Chinese.
At present so much has already been occupied of the areas we claim as part of our sovereign territory; the building of what seemed to be a strategic airfield, the military garrisons, establishment of civilian structures and institutions and naming them as Chinese geographic settlements are far more established than the unfinished oil rig that the Vietnamese are resisting. The Chinese would be loath to give up so much of what they have already gained and the forcible reclamation of these by the Philippines may result in strong retaliatory actions as compared to the less combative reaction they had on the oil rig construction.
While there is the compelling obligation for us to have an active resistance to the Chinese encroachments we need to weigh very carefully the possible consequences that such actions may result into. Can we with our pitiable military resources come up with something which will make the Chinese do a double take or will our efforts just be pooh poohed as some laughable tiresomeness? Assuming we fight back and the Chinese resist militarily would our allies be fighting alongside us? I think we will be fighting this alone and for sure we are going to lose...lost the war but won back our self respect and (probably) won the admiration of other nations. Fine, but what about the material losses, the loss of Filipino lives, the loss of more sovereign territories (the victors will find opportunity to extend their spoils).
I am not advocating passivity. We should take drastic action to prevent further losses from the Chinese incursions. Let us protect the turf that has not been taken yet by beefing up our military capability and use it to guard (credibly) untaken territories.
Also, let us do extensive housecleaning and rid ourselves of trojan horses already implanted in strategic areas (institutions, business concerns, civilian groups, lobbies) who have been formed to serve the interests of China and personalities (politicians, businessmen, "opinion" leaders) whose acts and pronouncements are pro-China and are inimical to the nation's security and well being.
It is about time that we expose those who have been eroding the foundations of this country to make it easy prey to an imperialist China.
We should not wage a military confrontation. We should choose engagements that we have a chance of winning. David's well aimed pebbles to bring down the giant and not a foolhardy charge of the six hundred light brigade nor the honorable deaths of the three hundred at Termophylae.