Sunday, November 16, 2008

David's Poems

Poems written by my ten year old grandson, David Belmonte as part of school work.

My Magic Box

I will put in the box

The red roses in a raspberry field,
The silver in a gold mine and
The last Dodo on Earth.

I will put in the Box

The feathers of five flaming Phoenixes,
A soul from heaven and hell and
the last star in the Universe.

I will put in the Box

A golden summer whale on the sapphire sea,
A bird with four legs and a wolf that glides.

I will put in the Box

A scorpion with no stingers but seven claws,
The red scale of a blue dragon and
a mother’s last wish before death.


When I’m alone, I think of you,
When I walk around, I hear your voice,
Whenever I look at the moon, I always see your face,
Thinking you might be around,
But knowing that you’re gone…

When I was young, you took care of me…
When I was young, you left me here…
I believe you still exist today,
I believe that you haven’t left,
But still, I know that you’re gone.

When you passed away, I thought you weren’t gone,
I thought you were moving, I thought you were still here,
But then I realized, a part of me was missing.
But still, I knew that part was you.

Sorrow is the knife that stabs me in the heart,
Death is the sickly arrow that separated us,
Now I don’t know what to do,
Without your guidance I wouldn’t understand,
But still, I know that you’re gone.

It’s hard to be brave about it,
I wish you were still here,
But I know that we will meet again,
So I look forward to that one day,
Where I will be re-united once again…


You are the miracle that guided me to happiness,
The one that helped get through the darkness,
Who saved me from my own sadness,
The savior of my life and the giver of my heart.

The hero that guided my soul to victory,
You are the reality that does not end,
Continuing every day and night,
The dreams are sent by you.

Unusual in it’s own way, creating forms,
Forms of different kind, unique and untraceable,
These dreams can be anything or anywhere,
Every corner of a dream hides something,
Like a secret or a new feeling.

A land where nothing sleeps, eats or drinks,
A mysterious place where nothing rules,
Nothing hates, nothing likes,
A private area to relax in a bed of emotions,
Unknown to the world and a mystery to all,
Nobody knows, so it’s all mine!


I smite your happiness with my raging fist
It is I that fills you with negative thoughts
For I bring calamity and hatred to your soul
It is I, Anger.

Minding your own business
Then a corrupted surge goes through
Leaving you in a daze of black and red
Slowly entering your mind…

I am normal to those who hate
Those who disrespect others
It is I that makes them feel hateful
It is I that makes them careless

My box is styled with rocks, diamonds and bones.
It has steel on the lid and emotions in the corners.
It’s hinges are the toes of Ostriches.

I will fly in my box and land in the waters
of the calm sea and ride the creatures in it.
Then I will move the stars with it.

I will put in the Box

A poem’s end and a Final word:


Sunday, November 02, 2008


November one brings out the past
With trees pushing tombstones
Daring to put gaiety with somber blooms
Roots plowing the miry ground
Dig up marrowless bones
Upturning loam for lost loves
Nothing but twigs craving for affection

Last week’s inundation
Brought the merciful flood
Sweeping the steles and slabs
Washing off the mud from angels’ faces
Stirring worms from their stupor
Giving life and luster to the gloom
Stirring remembrances just for the nonce

Candles flickering, flowers wilting
Children balling up candle wax
Endless chatter and radios blaring
Pots simmering, candy wraps crinkling
Adobo and dried fish spread on banana leaves
Atop foot high whitened sepulchers
Sharing repasts with the dear departed

The grateful dead cast an approving smile
Reward enough that’s worth your while
You have to believe that this is true
To do next year what you’ve just been through