Thursday, June 18, 2009

Words Like Goats

Words I have released from the confinement of a corral
Run all over the white expanse of a blank scroll
I disavow any hold on them as they skitter and
Frolic like young goats in a field of succulent grass
Some are playful and chase away the butterflies
Partaking of the bounty of the field sipping nectar from
Errant flowers in small clusters dotting waves of green
Black and white kiddie goats scamper with mayhem in mind
Bullying the runts, snorting as they scatter them afield
Others still go about peaceably munching fresh grass tops
Unmindful of the noise from the raucous and rowdy bunch
Some with amorous intent follow their noses and nudge
Coy she-goats into being mounted by one or two hot billies

Once freed from my mind words are on their own
As they get ingested, digested and regurgitated by anyone
Who happen to be within reading sight and distance
What words turn out to be after being spewed from my pen
Are transmuted by happenstance, disastrous or serendipitous
Some of them become uncouth and rapacious vandals
While others blossom into gracious courtiers with elegant miens
Others still put on the pompous and pedagogic demeanor
There are words who don saintly halos and others yet sordid horns
They become what they become, I deny authorship once released
From the confines of my teeming but well intentioned mind
There are so much more to worry about than being misunderstood
I write what I feel and think, not my fault if they don't get it
Caveat lector

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