Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eden Redux

The lifeless ground
raised twigs from dust
like arms in prayer
the Pharoah's obelisk
juts out from parched
red Nubian clay
beneath an oppressive
and torrid eastern sun

Is this Osiris' realm?
On crossing the divide
I find myself alone
upon opening my eyes
at the solemn hour
my tremulous lips numbed
No more to kiss, nor to
utter a fervent orison

My eyes wandered
Seeing fabled sights
A Unicorn pranced
around the Tree of Life
The lion and the lamb
cavorting in play
Adam chiding Eve
saving her innocence

Is this Eden now?
Here in the Eastern plains
where the Euphrates flowed
It hasn't changed a bit
Paradise still fittingly called
Even after the deluge
Its beauty preserved
unstained by original sin

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