Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Flight of the Eagle

Up there, gliding on an ever widening circle of flight
The eagle hovers and scans the stretch of the land
Looking for some semblance of divine sense
But no, the carmine splotches on the desert floor
Offered no comfort nor solace for tired wings to rest
Everywhere it seems violent carnage has taken its toll
Indiscriminate slaughter of the ignorant and the innocent
The best of men lacking the resolve to stop the inhumanity
While the senseless and callous intently inflict their mayhem

Will God intervene or is this is the way of all things?
Natural laws enacting, a ruthless decree to save the many
From deprivation, from the inability of natural providence
To give each of God's children a share of His munificence
Who are the many? Are African refugees counted among them?
Are the people of poor countries not part of the many to be saved?
Oh the pain, oh the wretchedness of not being chosen
Deprived of a divine birthright, a promise of salvation reneged
Throw away humans, bargaining chips in the eternal balance

The eagle soars on, the land below will always be a hostile patchwork
No matter how stretched his wings, no matter how keen his eyes
No favorable wind will find him restful oases and idyllic Edens

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