Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Long Day At Home

I sat listless
My writing chair is hard
I should change it
It occupied me too much
Instead of me occupying it

Nonchalantly watching
From a windy veranda
Birds alighting on twigs
Nice to see but
Threatening...to the birds

Walked towards the gazebo
No reason to do so
Just being led
By a chirping wee bird
Flitting close to a feral cat

Black Labradors growl
As I approached
Then the redolence
Of dog turds
Abused my nose

My lychees flowered
But they dried up
Withered early
Like young dreams
Robust but stillborn

I rushed down
My foot prints
On stony garden steps
Vanished traces
By blinding light

The pond fish
Greet with avid glee
Awaiting morsels
With barbs attached
They did not bite

The mango trees
Failed me again
Flowered like last year
But erased by the rain
My ax gashed a bole

The sunset lingered
Too long for me
Wanting the day's end
But the sun
Got entangled in the trees

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