Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Spate of Haiku - 94 to 114

94. Farewell glorious sun
Soon fearful darkness settles
But morning soon comes

95. Fireball quick to sink
On a yellow mottled sky
Fiery sting sears the eye

96. Mayas in summer
Exchange gossip by the bush
A feral cat waits

97. The end of summer
Tiptoes in without notice
A lad sighs glumly

98. Tree thrives in sand dunes
Defies harsh oppressive climes
Nature’s way challenged

99. At dusk the early moon
Hovers on the darkened hills
Portending cold nights

100. Boyhood summers gone
Passing through thorny thresholds
A gate creaks close

101. Days in midsummer
Filled with youthful effervescence
Only for a nonce

102. Rainy afternoon
Scatter silver darts about
A puddle ripples

103. December hearts are cold
But hearts in May are warm
Yet both throb for me

104. It’s the time for cheers
As the sheepskin is bestowed
He has come of age

105. Where have red roses gone
In carmine glory now
Vanished in a wink

106. Cicadas protest
All intrusions in nature
Except for its own

107. Shades of night falling
On a bucolic hamlet
A tambuli calls

108. Sweet scents of ripe fruits
Waft in the hot midday air
A rude bird chirps

109. Angels brought forth rain
To the thirsting fallow earth
Demons drew lightning

110.. Shall I look for you
In the season of the heart
My mind says beware

111. Loneliness seeks ease
With strange alien faces
Babbling nonsense

112. Gather garden blooms
On April mornings at dawn
Ere sun’s envy roused

113. Trudging down a stream
On a cold wintry morning
Fish hid in white reeds

114. A country lane stroll
Tramping through twigs and dry leaves
Snapping underfoot

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