Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disclaimers on TV

Cable’s on the blink?
Not your set folks
It’s that snake oil ad
With AdBoard seal but
No approved therapeutic value

Flash news
Gloria with her styrene
Belo complexion with
An energizer bunny toothy grin
Announces aid to calamities
Sulpicio or the drowned?
No approved news value

Segue way to the PBA
Big game James with a three
Saved the day for the Hotdogs
“Kaya mo ba'to?” mocking
Textless, talkless fans
No approved civility value

Switch to GMA seven
Gloria again with bunny grin
Gushing trip’s success
Palm rubbing first Gent astride
No approved moral value

Zap! Now NBN nine
Recycled tagalog movies
Vintage FPJ, Fofonggay,
Falayfay and agent Falcon
Guy and Pip, Vilma as Darna
No approved historic value

Zap to “Walang Tulugan”
Fat man, show man German
Coffee drenched all night stand
Inane antics and rehashments
No approved wellness value

Commercial breaks
With senators and other
Prexy wannabees selling soap
And other household whatevers
No approved delicadeza value

Hey! get out of that couch
The scratchy anthem is on
Salute our tired flag now
Signing off with relief
All in a day’s work
On primetime Television

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