Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dusky Lady Peggy Sue

Dusky lady Peggy Sue
I take your hand
And usher you
Across the broad street
I drape my Armani coat
For you to trod on and
Wipe your muddy Gucci
You balked at the lobby
Of the movie house
Vehemently denying
The cries of orphans,
Battered wives,
Bad Boy stunts
and Dolphy jokes
But like a Muzak track
Wired in your tympani
The sound track
Goes round and round
A dirge, a kundiman, a rhythmic
“Pasion” from toothless hags
Gatorade asks, Is it in you?
Coke says it’s the real thing
You smile at the face
In the muddy puddle
Dusky lady Peggy Sue

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