Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Scent of Onions

Behold an onion out from a hat
Was eager to be put in a pot
It is the only one said the chef
And the dish will not be good without

It was an ungainly sight to see
Skin so dried and dirty splotches wrap
This will do cried the kitchen staff
After a wash and ugly layers peeled

Its humble bulbous shape
Seemed innocuous at first sight
But each layer peeled spewed bile
And pungent rot reeked out

The dirty layer peeled
Gave sight to more dirt inside
And they peeled on with hope
That no more dirt be found

So eager to get the dish begin
With cheers from all
Peeled on til putrid essence squirt
Everyone with unfelt tears did shed

Peel off the dirt they said
But each layer found dirt anew
Now wafted redolence pervade
But still they cheered

We need an onion no matter what
The one we have looked good despite
But dubious ones are better than none
So there the need has been satisfied

Heroes and onions are hard to find
Once one is found we lionize without delay
Feet of clay and checkered past ignored
Oh Baal you have mesmerized us anew

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