Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spare the Children

Alleluia! a star is seen again in the east
Ladies in off-white hoods and tonsured shepherds
Flock to see such heavenly sport
Our champion is here, the long nights of waiting done

Stow away the loin cloths in your closets
Rejoice for answers to orisons now dawning
Scourge the unbeliever, let no one deny our hero
He has to be, for it is written, don’t you think?

Sound the trumpets and beat gay tambourines
Clash the cymbals to deafen the doubting mass
Herd the innocent as witness to convince self and many
Mindless of the Master’s lesson not to lead them astray

“Unless you become like children…” now reversed
Children are led to serve obsessed truths of jaded men
Alas, if superman sheds off his camouflage cape
The guiltless now betrayed, will purity be restored?

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