Wednesday, March 19, 2008


MorningFierce light pierces through
The morning haze and green blur
Your yawn woke me up

AdieuColored prints of you
Arrayed on doilied cover
Sonic boom explodes

A pool of water
Is stirred by a maya bird
A gunshot resounds

Holy Week
Suntanned revelers
Frolic in raucous delight
Jesus impaled sweats

StruggleHigh atop a hill
The world looks bright and cheerful
Worms creep up to see

TwilightShrilling cries like drills
Cicada’s dirge close the day
Light sinks with the sun


I saw her today,
Aloof but with a coy smile
Now my cellphone rings

GrandsonsDustin and David,
Mischievous apos both ten
Oops! A Ming vase breaks

Slot MachineIcons tumbling spin,
Flashing light and ringing bells
Sadly I drove home

The WakeFunereal fragrance wafts,
Midst earnest sobs and clasped hands
Snuffed candle falls

Tired eyes squint in wait,
Faint sounds make feeble ears stand
Youthful yells break out

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