Thursday, March 22, 2007

38. Happiness

Eric at 6 months - Our first car, a Fiat 600
My wife had her second child more than a year after I entered PRC. The first time Alma gave birth she labored for twelve hours and I was there from the time we brought her to the hospital to the time she gave birth. This time around, thinking that it will be sometime before she would give birth, I went back to the office after bringing her to the hospital. The hospital was on the same street as the office. Just a few hours later I received a call from my sister-in-law saying that Alma had given birth. I excused myself from a meeting I was having with George Balagtas who was then an account executive of JWT, assigned to Camia and hurried to the hospital.
Lyn was a delightful baby girl who came into this world at about the time I was to be promoted to a management position in Unilever. She was a real harbinger of joy as Eric was when I was taken in by PRC.


It was the late sixties; now, with a loving wife, two healthy and lovely babies and doing a satisfactory job of managing PRC brands I couldn’t imagine how life could be better.

God’s providence is bestowed to the deserving and the undeserving alike and in all humility I received these blessings knowing full well that there was nothing in what I was or what I did that would make me worthy of such good fortune. Such is God’s grace.


a certified nut said...

i was happiest during my pregnancy for my husband was ever-attentive and i will always remember him for that.

till now, i could not accurately describe the way i felt when i saw my son for the first time.

wayfarer said...

Husbands always are attentive to their wives at times like these. You are bringing forth life at much risk and being there for you is the least we can do.

Thanks ACNut