Saturday, March 10, 2007

27. The Plunge

I didn’t mind the late hours and the frenetic schedule that marked our typical livelong day. The late hours seemed to be the time that we collected back our sanity. Manila was full of nightclubs that could offer our frazzled minds and bodies a restorative balm. This lifestyle, as I found out, was subject to the law of diminishing returns. The rate of restoration was progressively slower than the rate of diminution. I asked Lucky for a rest before I completely got burned out.

I made use of the period of respite to make plans to wed my girl friend of more than three years. The object of my endless fascination…that lovely girl in the once upon a time magical wonderland that was the radio room, have now agreed to share my future. She was finally mine. She was mine to share my accomplishments with…and to be an inspiration for glories to come. Emboldened by the good progress of my career I felt that I could now afford to start a family of my own. Besides, the lifestyle that I was then enjoying was breakdown-bound not only in my health but also in my love life.

We were wed in simple rites in the Saint Francis Church in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong with my cousin Ric Roa standing as best man, two copywriters Ronnie and Gary and my media assistant, Dennis Corpuz, as secondary sponsors. The General Manager of Cosmos Bottling Company, Pabling Tolentino, and some rich relatives from both families acted as principal sponsors. The reception was not lavish. We were working on a budget that was not princely and so the venue and the food were just… right. My father did not tell me until the last minute that he would pay for the reception. Had I known this, this event could have been a bit more memorable. My wife remembers it well but not with enthusiasm. Anyway, it was good to be budget conscious as a first step into married life.

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