Wednesday, March 21, 2007

37. Socials

Tagaytay Excursion- Ed&Alma, Francis Trillana at right bg

Chris Barber-Lomax, our marketing director loved to socialize. He was a bachelor who lived alone in a big apartment in the Ermita district. No special occasion was needed for him to organize a dance party. The wives loved these socials for they were almost always invited. These parties brought about good fellowship that helped strengthen the bonding that existed among us in marketing.

Typical PRC Jam session in the late sixties- Alma Roa at foreground, Raf Zaide at right

Party at our house in A.Melchor, Loyola Heights- Henry Jaravata, Ludy Tolentino, Mrs. Benny Sanchez, Tita Timbol

My first corporate party was in honor of a visiting executive from the Coordination group in the center. This was held in the house of our president in Forbes Park. Being new to the group the PRC President, Alun Griffiths, gave more attention to my wife and me during the party. He took us over to the visiting executive for introductions. There was dancing and as my wife and I were enjoying a dance I felt a tap on my shoulder. The President asked if he could have the pleasure of dancing with the beautiful young lady. I, of course, graciously acceded. He took my wife by the hand and they gracefully glided to the middle of the dance floor. Boy Feliciano, the Breeze brand manager took notice of this and kidded me that my future in the company was now assured.

Baguio staff house: Ed & Alma Roa,Ding and Evelyn Claudio with Solid Bank friends
Cocktails were quite plentiful and were organized every time a visiting “fireman” from the Central Office came around. This occasion was seen as an opportunity to be more familiar with the rest of the executives in the organization who were not in the working milieu of marketing. It was also a good time to engage bosses in conversations with topics other than work and learn a little more of their person at leisure and outside their authority zone. Of course one also tried to make a good impression on the visitor. It would help during the business discussions if the “fireman” was a tad friendlier.

Baguio Staff House: Ed & Alma Roa, Aida & Tony Pacheco, Tony & Lita Sison, Evelyn & Ding Salvador
What were quite popular with the Brand group were the cocktails sponsored by media houses. The occasions for these were for previews of upcoming shows and also as sponsors during industry to-dos like the Advertising Congress or any event where marketing executives were expected to congregate. Invariably media cocktails would always have flowing drinks, superb entertainment, interesting guests and fabulous raffle prizes.

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