Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tanka Moments II

A distant rumble
Scatter the sparrows in roost
Nestlings abandoned
I rue her hasty goodbye
Written on fragile linen   

Fallen Jasmine lie
On a swath of weeded green
Fragile petals crushed
Rejected by a scorned lady
On an indiscreet lover

Moon hiding in haste
Passes through clustered dark clouds
Not wanting to see
A lover running barefoot
Midst the howl of the lord’s hounds

Haughty palms swaying
Fighting off the scorching heat
Give little comfort
To an unrequited plea
On a glaring noonday sun 

Hummingbirds flutter
On trellised bougainevilleas
Scaring honeybees
Away from the sweet nectar
That they flew for miles and miles

I run on mown grass
Slipping on wet green carpet
Her hurried footfalls
Resound like carillon bells
Cheer me on to hot pursuit

Whereupon I gazed
At her decorous bearing
Captured the moment
Of classical elegance
Mounted on a marble stand  

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