Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tanka Moments I

A midmorning sun
Scorched hapless tiny blooms
A wide brim sunhat
Covered her delicate face
Hiding a girlish giggle

Roosters crowing out
Birds chirping ‘neath the bowers
Clarions in the morn
My lover stirred on waking
Ah, what a joy to behold

Wet mist woke me up
A cold slap on my sleepy face
Yesterday’s warmth gone
Your train rumbled on the tracks
Left a forlorn heart in grief

Shimmering early light
Cast on fishponds on the lake
Bouncing flecks of light
On lovers at the ridge’s edge
Bodies hug to fend the cold

Dancing through the night
Red lights dominating the hall
Rouged up faces dart
Sensuous moments in flashes
In the still of a stupor

Searching in the bush
For freshly bloomed azaleas
Guided by a scent
Leading to a lush trellis
You feigned seeing me come near

The setting sun rests
Cradled on a line of pines
Slowly receding
Like love torn souls in farewell
Fending off the creeping dark

My unkempt bed speaks
Of wild clashes in the night
Fiery bodies rage
Endless nights in summer heat
Letting loose unbridled passions

The evergreens stand proud
Swagger atop frail hedges
Owning the cold dawn
The day will be unforgiving
And so will she be at noon

My heart is out sync
With the striking of the clock
My love is not by the gate
On the promised trysting hour
A silhouette stirs from afar

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