Monday, August 01, 2011

SWS Public Satisfaction Survey - June 2011

The most recent SWS polling on public satisfaction reveals that Pnoy’s administration is the best liked of all administrations from the time of the poll’s inception in 1989. This is an unexpected positive result as it refers to the administration team and not to the individual that is Pnoy. His team has been the favourite whipping boys of opinion leaders, the opposition, and the media and have been criticized as being inept and intellectual lightweights, at times unjustly and in some instances deserving of the criticism.
One wonders whether the general population really had a full grasp of everything that is happening around them politically and are really satisfied with the way Team Pnoy has been performing in the period immediately prior to the survey. I can’t think of anything spectacular that was done by the administration in the period covered by the survey which would help explain the high ratings garnered by the administration. What could help explain these good marks is the consistent significant positive results on the question of fighting corruption of which PGMA had dismal showings in the last three years that the question had been asked. It seems that the fight against corruption is the one single variable that has a strong pulling power to bring up all the other variables in the equation in favour of the overall positive impression. As in advertising, Pnoy’s anti corruption positioning has hit the right chord; a promise or a proposition that is meaningful and resonant in the minds of the people. Team Pnoy will continue to win hearts and minds after the SONA which highlighted more of the same theme and the current hype on the running after PGMA on the alleged electoral fraud, the PCSO scandal, the Chinese sub rosa deals and other corruption issues. All these current events feed the conviction of the people that Pnoy is in earnest in his efforts to eradicate corruption. These will go on for a while with the ensuing House investigations, the pressing of charges, the court proceedings and with the help of a rambunctious media it will be kept alive; a definite gain for Pnoy. Hopefully, all these positives will make government projects and efforts so much easier to initiate and implement successfully. The prosecution of the wrongdoers would have achieved more than just the meting out of punishments but should help lessen in a big way the endemic corruption in the bureaucratic agencies of government.
The positive aura around Pnoy’s government will hold on for some time and optimistically up until such time his governance would reap concrete results in instituting change towards a less corrupt government and in ameliorating Filipino lives. Fly high Pnoy!

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