Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sea Escape

My eyes pulled down the window shutters;
Flushed the bowl, turned off the high cool,
And shut the casita door with a slam
Summer now stored in a box of pixel images

Your watch says go now, the desk awaits the keys
Keep the cockles, half shells and dry kelp
Even as the tide wanted to take it back to sea
But soon these, too, will be lost in the shimmer

No goodbyes, go as you have come
I won’t be by the parasols nor the divers’ stand
Promises now as paper boats riding the waves
Crashing, dissipating into frothy crests

I walk alone by the fringe of a churlish sea
Midst the commotion of sea birds
Fighting over wide eyed crabs scurrying
As I gather precious shells washing in

Already I have forgotten you
Nothing but the soft whisper of waves
And the sparkle of bejeweled sand
Spoil me as I bask in the motherly sun

I cannot go home ‘cause I am home
My soul is imprinted on the white sands
The call of great whales sound my coming
Mermaids on dolphins wave in greeting

The sandy depths now my garden patch
With corals and the barnacles in bloom
I cling to driftwoods and wrecked derelicts
Happily counting seashells and chasing wee fish

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