Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Morning God Sang

The sounds came rushing in, where did it come from?
Has it always been there? Angels’ halleluiahs, God’s riant laughter
Ascending, reverberating in crescendo at the gladdening hour,
Trilling with early birds, buzzing, whirring with the bees on morning forage
The day now begins clearly, with light spreading from the ridge to the lucent lake below
Love songs sung in gaiety, noble anthems, magnificent hymns and gentle pinings
Like Orpheus’ flute, the music wafted in the air, oh what euphony!
Tones winding in and out, weaving with the breeze, brushing against pine needles
Out-shouting, out-running each other in playful chase, playing tag with grasshoppers and soprano birds

Then as quickly as it appeared, the joyous harmony stopped, stillness began
The reality of the late morning sun caught up with me and imposed a silence in its recognition

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