Monday, March 16, 2009

Bare Assed

I come to you now unclothed, unwashed and unabashed’
This is my barest, lowliest, truest self,
With wanton passions brimming, ogling with animal intent
This is me wallowing neck deep in the sweet but unctuous tar pit
Nurturing my prurient delights, my wettest of dreams
I slink through dark parlors besotted and puking
I spew lewd orations enjoyed by kindred low life,
My gem of the barrel dregs!my jewel of sewer silt!
I come to you unclothed, unwashed and unabashed
Frenzied and clumsy in anticipation
I rush and come to be one with you,
So embrace me now my lovely, quickly
Before I don my clothes again.

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