Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tagaytay Mornings

Bare feet on glistening wet grass
A chorus of leaves rustling, humming
Wake my soul from its stupor

Black Labradors howling protest
Over the bread man’s honking horn
Gladden my jaded heart

Snails hurrying to greet the worms
Pacing through slithery trails
Ease my knotted sinews

Zesty sparrows collecting by the gazebo
Quarreling over seeds in a frenzy
Remind me of my daily grace

Frogs and turtles chatting by the pond
Placid water disturbed by their noise
Impress that silence is a virtue

Hungry blue birds avidly watching
Over tiny ripples made by wee fish
Stir my awareness of other’s needs

Carillon ringing its morning tidings
Clangor against brassy chapel bells
Arouse my lust for life

Evergreen giants brushing off
Wet mist from heavy shoulders
Teach me tolerance and forgiveness

A spectacle, a tableau, a pageantry,
Greet the dawning of each day
Tell of life’s lessons in Tagaytay mornings

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