Tuesday, August 12, 2008

haiku 51 to 93

51. What a lovely place
And yet so cold and forlorn
Warmth and light soon comes

52. Bathe in morning dew
Freshness filled the morning air
Withered before noon

53. With Godspeed I go
To conquests, fame and fortune
Dare burst my balloon

54. I will get through this
Stark and somber prison bars
Sunlight's shadows cast

55. Ah, the palms beckon
Leave the dreary icy cold
Balmy breeze await

56. Rest your tired wings
On a velvet purple bed
A long flight ahead

57. The silver lining
In our lives are all but gone
The sun let us down

58. Dream of Boracay
Palms swayed by the balmy breeze
Waves lap at white shores

59. Shark fins soup is nice
But it is vain indulgence
Save the man eater

60. Fairies celebrate
Elfin fireworks light the sky
With floral sparkles

61. Merciless beauty
You flaunt your allure to all
But deny pleasure

62. Brown and red leaves waving byes
To folks passing through
On the river bank

63. Not a stately tree
Grown from sapling with my care
Woodsman spare this one

64. What mystery waits
For us at a river's turn
A loud splash resounds

65. The fiery sundown
Protests the end of the day
Be my homeward light

66. I wish I could join
Trees towering above me
Beckoning breeze rustle

67. It is five thirty
Time and tide waits for no man
Bid goodbye on shore (7/18/08)

68. Warm glow envelops
My being at seaside dusk
Waves crash at the shore

69. A solemn moment
In a mysterious glade
A leaf crashes down

70. Dark clouds hovering
Over an unsuspecting sea
Soon thunder rumbles

71. A herd of sheep graze
Above the twilight's glimmer
A shepherd calls out

72. Village secrets flow
Washed and cleansed by the cascades
Still the brook babbles

73. Where kept secrets are
Lay beneath a placid lake
Fish scurry to shore

74. The rains have come late
The bowers are long dried up
Brittle branches crack
(Haiku contest winner (6/10/08)

75. My own private beach
Far from the maddening crowd
Waves break the quiet

76. Race the water flow
From rills to the great river
Slip on mossy stones

77. Apocalypse mounts
Gallop through the boding dusk
Thunder claps resound

78. Waste water buried
Into deep and dark chasms
Yet the redolence reeks

79. Drifting butterfly
At rest on crimson petals
Sweet nectar savored

80. Come out of hiding
Be vain little flower
Give shine to the world

81. The doggone dugong
Moves apathetically
No eddies swirling

82. Cool stream in the shade
Trysting place for a lover
How quietly he hides

81. King of the mountain
Youthful game we played before
Now a lonely place

82. It is never warm
Where the river meanders
The chill numbs the ears

83. Dimming light of dusk
Turns the world into slate gray
A cold night descends

84. It is summer’s end
The nestlings have flown away
Decayed nests crumble

85. A sitting duck floats
On a serene waterway
A blast found its mark

86. Through a running brook
Scurrying fish dodge pebbles
Hurrying to nowhere

87. Thoughtless north wind blows
Upon a desolate shore
Beachcombers have gone

88. How awesome God’s deed
Breathtaking patterns divine
Even in barren climes

89. The birds have flown in
Arduous journey from harsh climes
Swarm in lambent shores

90. A barren wasteland
Dry dust and shimmering heat
Dog day afternoons

91. A village stays calm
In the face of a looming threat
Of global warming

92. Pink blooms in display
Amidst a cover of green
Rare charm chanced upon

93. Icy cascades flow
In a rill with whitened banks
Laced filigree broke

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