Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lines to Remember 6 (Old Men At Leisure)

“How sweet it is to rest after doing nothing” Old Spanish Proverb

Two old gentlemen were on a fishing boat discussing fish, the open sea, fishing spots, types of fishing and anything that has some association with their present activity. After a long time of waiting for a bite they run out of things to say on the topic.

One said “So what do you plan on doing after going back to shore?”“

I don’t know. These days I never ask nor think what next?”

“Me too, at the moment all I think about is a bite, just one teeny weeny bite.”

“I am sure before we are through you will have something” the second gentleman said.

“When we boarded the boat I had imagined a marlin will strike my line but now that we have been here for more than two hours … I would be happy just to have something a little bigger than my bait to bite.”

“Check the bait, it’s been there too long.”

He started to crank the handle of his reel to bring in the line. A baitless hook emerged… “Darn! Darn! It got away with my bait again.”

“I’m getting tired of this, myself, why don’t we pack up and head for shore?”

They told the boatman to pull up anchor. The boatman tidied up the boat, refilled his gasoline tank and pumped out water that has accumulated in the hull. He was without expression as he went about his chores. He probably didn’t want to offend the two gentlemen by making a tactless remark about their inability to catch fish. Not a snicker nor a wry smile could be drawn from his dried and tanned face. It wasn’t the time for fishing and here were two rare birds fishing out of season. The chance of a repeat of hiring him was his wish and prayer.

Back at the house they sauntered lazily by the veranda. It was an unproductive day. The boat ride was not bad but they could have paid much less for a boat ride than when they chartered a boat for fishing. It didn’t really matter all that much. Both guys have just retired from their professions and money, at least not the amount of money one paid for this leisure, was of consequence.

“What about the rest of the day?”

“What rest of the day? I intend to just lie around and think of ways to get back at the fish who just snubbed us this morning.”

“So, what then for tomorrow?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a round of golf or try our luck at the casino.”

The dialogue went on suggesting all sorts of things that they can do in the morrow.

“Would you like a beer…perhaps some red wine? It’s good for the heart they say.”

“That’s a great idea for tomorrow. Maybe we can just sit around the veranda and have beer and wine all day. Let’s ask the cook to get us a “maliputo”, “alimango” or a slice of “liempo” from the market and then have a really long, long lunch.”

“And then…?”

“I don’t, I guess."

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