Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Confucius Say Haikubes

Consistent with China's version of ownership by proximity doctrine, if Chinatown all over the world is part of Chinese sovereignty then all areas around Chinatown are Chinese territories.

 It's more fun in the Philippines!

 Most of China’s diplomatic thrusts are guided by selfish intentions. Because of China’s hegemony they, more often than not, are exploitative and disrespectful of small nations’ rights.

 Don't let those slit eyes fool you. China claims everything as far as their eyes can see and farther.

 Henry Sy can lay claim to the Philippines faster than the People’s Republic of China.
 Obama needs to be mindful of the trillions of dollars owed to the celestial mandarins. More than a show of force, the strategy of choice is intensive rhetoric for the meantime.

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