Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pnoy and the Church - A Classic Stand-off

It looks like it’s going to be a classic stand-off between P’noy and the Catholic irresistible force meeting an immoveable object.

The church is resolute about their stand that the only acceptable form of contraception is Natural Family Planning. All other forms of contraception are sinful. The Magisterium, the authoritative and official voice of the church has said that it will not change its stand in the foreseeable future.

This is against Pnoy’s resolve to pursue what he refers to as providing “informed choice according to conscience” to the people.

As of now the church’s handling of the issues has been clumsy. They have been resorting to cheap shots and innuendoes.

Fr. Melvin Castro, speaking without evidence, accused the administration of selling out to the donors of the grant obtained by the President. “It’s just a small account compared to the moral values we are going to lose,” Castro said. “Apparently for that measly sum of money in the name of fighting poverty, here we are again, selling out the Filipino soul. It is sad.” Bishop Odchimar made mention of our being an agricultural society, referring to the archaic notion that hands are needed in the field. He then takes a pot shot at our inability to pursue the early gains of IRRI and that we now import rice from Vietnam. He continues by taking a dig at pharmaceutical companies speculating that they are lobbying for the passing of the bill as it serves their interests.

The church is losing poise and credibility by their tendency to grasp at straws and shooting at all moving objects, shadowy or real

Pnoy seems to be having an early lead with legislators picking up the cudgels for him in the senate and in the lower house. Although there was no poll taking as yet, it seems that a significant number of the people is giving their support as well, as shown in postings at Facebook, Twitter and responses to newspaper accounts. All these will give him a firmer resolve to stay the course.

I don’t think there are too many people practicing the Natural Planning Method. I wouldn’t even trust a research which says the contrary. The question is not only an emotional one but a threat to one’s salvation and therefore posturing by respondents is expected.

So what do all these leave us with? Pnoy will have the bill passed and the Church will continue to rail at the government and we will be threatened and humiliated by unending homilies from the pulpit.

Alas, poor Juan, he will be in an anguished state. A wretched and conscience stricken peasant practicing Catholic ways, but, always teetering at the edge of hellfire and eternal damnation.

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