Thursday, July 02, 2009

Garden of Evil

Little kernels, hard and rough
I planted them in the shade of the stone heap
They were seeds of spite sown to cling
On walls of old hurts and unforgiven wrongs

The little stalks pushed their bulbous heads
Unsightly growths on hard ground
Grotty green brown stains on the garden floor
Malevolent seedlings with haughty bearings

The fiendish vegetation thrived in dark nooks
Unhappy for the sun to touch its leaves
The tiny branches had threatening spines
And oh, a redolence not known by any man

Each morning I went out to see
How the dark of night have nurtured
The budding menaces they were to be
Verdant mottled green now covered the wall

I espied little beady growths in between
Hairy spines, crinkly leaves and rough branches
The evil flora was in bloom and I was appalled
A disgusting sight of clustered monstrosities

There I stood unmoving, scared of what I have sown
Primal evil seem to creep out of the crevices
As if taken by a demonic spell, knees weak, I knelt
And pondered on what I have sown and reared

Hours passed and like a mesmerized prey
I suffused a panic burgeoning from my chest
And sought help in prayer firmly resolving
A change of heart and to uproot the evil sown

I uttered a fervent penitent's prayer
Determined to stunt the evil growth spawned
Before the coming of the dark of night
Where its evil finds sustenance to evolve

With desperate haste I took a rusty hoe from the shed
Strong determined arms struck with impunity
At the evil plant of my own design and doing
Mangled and crushed before the fading of the light

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