Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Graduation Post Script

When we were through with our scholastic years
And have returned to the happy slant of things
Bid hello again to the lively reality of out of school
Relieved from poring heavy tome upon tome

Wanting in words to describe the relief the hiatus caused
From the rigors and hardships of a disciplined way of life
The august halls of the alma mater a prison now behind us
And parchment scroll did seem irrelevant to our lives

The college library had graffiti on its mottled walls
The carillon pealed from cracked bells jangling hymns
A heavy yellow pall spread clammily in the quadrangle
The dean was in disrespect, the faculty tainted, we were sure

But what of the mind?, The cultivation of which
Unknowingly, surreptitiously had been honed to face
The challenges of a reality then far imagined
Clearing the muddled glasses of youthful views

Soon we realize that the years behind the ivied walls
Were not stones wasted and skimmed in an algae filled pond
Later as we mused and pondered complexities of existence
That would have stunned us dumb had we not persisted

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