Sunday, November 02, 2008


November one brings out the past
With trees pushing tombstones
Daring to put gaiety with somber blooms
Roots plowing the miry ground
Dig up marrowless bones
Upturning loam for lost loves
Nothing but twigs craving for affection

Last week’s inundation
Brought the merciful flood
Sweeping the steles and slabs
Washing off the mud from angels’ faces
Stirring worms from their stupor
Giving life and luster to the gloom
Stirring remembrances just for the nonce

Candles flickering, flowers wilting
Children balling up candle wax
Endless chatter and radios blaring
Pots simmering, candy wraps crinkling
Adobo and dried fish spread on banana leaves
Atop foot high whitened sepulchers
Sharing repasts with the dear departed

The grateful dead cast an approving smile
Reward enough that’s worth your while
You have to believe that this is true
To do next year what you’ve just been through


Alby said...

Mr. Roa, hi! This is Alby (Saavedra) Laran. I heard about your blog today from another ex-Nielsen associate and I decided to look it up. I enjoyed reading the history of Unisearch and it makes me feel a bit sad that the Unisearch that I've come to know is "gone". I'm just very thankful for all the happy memories and the friendships I've formed in the 8 years that I was with the company. Anyway, it's good to see that you are enjoying your retirement. Hope everything's well with your family.

Email me:

wayfarer said...

Hi Alby,
This is one way of keeping alive an institution that we both have fond memories of. Sayang naman kung basta na lang hayaang maglaho ito sa limot. Just reading the names of past colleagues (Unisearch Who's Who)bring up smiles as it makes clear the fuzzy images of the past.