Monday, May 19, 2008

A Cascade of Haikus

What a lovely place
And yet so cold and forlorn
Warmth and light soon come

Bathe in morning dew
Freshness filled the morning air
Withered before noon

With Godspeed I go
To conquests, fame and fortune
Don’t burst my balloon

Such innocent eyes
Aglare from fiery red heads
Harsh beaks gnash fiercely

I will get through this
Stark and sombre prison bars
Sunlight's dimmed by white

Ah, the palms beckon
Leave the dreary icy cold
Balmy breeze awaits

Rest your tired wings
On a velvet purple bed
A long flight ahead

Nature's ire unleashed
Bullying all in its path
Crashing waters roar

The roar and fury
Of crashing, rumbling waters
Silenced by a sob

Never thought our love
Would create ugly ducklings
Push them off the falls

The silver lining
In our lives are all but gone
The sun let us down

Oh elegant grace
Still the waters of the lake
Majesty passes

Blossoms overhead
Stand guard on regal swans
Not a ripple make

Ill wind blowing wild
Smashing and slashing at will
Crack! a tree trunk breaks

Dream of Boracay
Palms swayed by the balmy breeze
Waves lap at white shores

Fish head soup is nice
But dolphins are quite scarce
Please set this one free

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